Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fat Book Reading Challenge

I am taking my inspiration for this challenge from the 2011 Chunkster Reading Challenge (check it out, I heartily endorse it even if I can't participate directly!). The basis of the challenge is to commit to reading anywhere from 4-8 books that are at least 450 pages long, and some of the books at some levels of the challenge have to be 750+ pages.

I want to do this but I mainly read on an e-reader, and the Chunkster calls for dead-tree books only. To keep the spirit of the challenge, I am choosing only books that also have a physical edition that has 450 pages or more.

My self-challenge, inspired by the Chunkster Challenge, is to read 8 books of 450+ pages in 2011, of which 4 will be 750+ pages.

I don't know all of the books I will be choosing but I know that one of them will be Outlander and at least one will be one of the longer Dickens books, perhaps Bleak House or Little Dorrit.

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