Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hello World

I've meant to start a book tracking/review blog for years, a place to record what I read and how I liked it.  So I'm finally getting started!

About me--like the title says, my reading tastes are pretty omnivorous.  Generally I prefer genre fiction--SF, mystery, fantasy, romance, horror--to "literary fiction", although I would argue that more books cross between those divisions than is generally recognized.   Even the literary fiction that I read most tends to be very plot driven and linear.  I've read a very occasional book of Christian fiction but I tend to steer clear of it because I'm not a Christian and it doesn't interest me that much.  Like many, I read a lot more young adult books than I used to.  There's a true renaissance going on there.

In non-fiction I'll read practically anything except highly technical material.  I love biography, history, memoirs, science for general readers, and lots more.  I don't tend to read a lot of new age or self-help books.  I've developed a recent interest in business and economics books, an area of my education that I've always neglected beyond very personal finance.

In the past few months I bought a Kindle, which has greatly increased my reading, as well as the number of books on my virtual shelf.  Between free books and bargain books priced under $4.99, I could go years without spending more than $4.99 for a book, and probably months without paying for any books as there are heaps of public domain classics available for free.  But of course that doesn't stop me from buying other books.  And this will be a place to remember and talk about everything I've read.

In my real life, I'm middle-aged (I can say that at 44, can't I?), happily partnered, childless, and share the house with my partner and 4 dogs.  We also share a small flock of 6 backyard chickens with our next door neighbors, so don't be surprised to see a book or two about urban farming/self sufficiency pop up here!

That's enough to get things started, time to get back to reading!

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